Part list

There are several suppliers all over the world, for passive components: Mouser, RS-components, Farnell, Digi-Key, … but only one “Area 51” @ for mylar, saran and elvamide/calaton (Edit: site is down now).

My short list (last column on the right)

Diodes for EHT are critical: use low leakage diodes (<20nA reverse current in nominal conditions: Tj=25C,Vrev=750V).

For EHT power supply, there is an option using neon bulbs. Recommended components are (2 of them per board):

  • VCC A2B
  • ECQ-E2104KB + ECQ-E2394KB (100pF for treble, 390pF for bass)
  • VR37000001005JR500

You can consider as well this fuse if using IEC power plug: LittleFuse 0217.032MXP.

For neon bulb replacement, my selection for the SMD-based version: Wurth 150080RS75000, Panasonic ERJ-P06F3902V.

You can get most resistors by Vishay, at Mouser or Digi-Key. Particular attention is required for resistors used in audio input transformer. Official service manual says “Erie type 8” (carbon,1kV,1/2W@70°,1W@40°) while OTA says that voltage matters, not so much power handling. Thus, VR37 kind is a minimum, while VR68 is recommended (1W vs 1/2W, and adequate shape):

VR37 and VR68 resistors from Vishay
Erie type 8

Screws for grilles:

3×16 is enough but sometimes it fails. 3.5×16 is then required.

3×12 is for the under part.

Screws for grilles: 3×16, 3.5×16, 3×12

For wires required to re-build coils, try this site for France: