Upgrade power plug

Bulgin power plug is no more used these days. Let’s switch to a standard IEC power plug, adding by the way a fuse for a safer installation.

First of all unplug everything going to speaker and wait for few hours. Now you can remove the back grill and unsolder then remove power supply.

Tip: use some cardboard to protect dust covers during unsoldering !

Tip: take photos to be able to put EHT back in place once done !

Protect dust cover with cardboard

Remove legacy Bulgin power plug and take your Dremel or equivalent.

Legacy power plug removed
Enlarge aperture as needed using your Dremel
Prepared for painting. Note the pad from Ikea used as protection.

And now, back in place. Note the LED replacing the neon bulb.

EHT back in position, checking again

Another example, with back grill this time:

EHT upgraded with IEC power plug

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